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Our Services

Experience secure and effective system maintenance, troubleshooting, and installation services with Kane Solar, LLC. Reach out today to discover how our extensive array of services can revolutionize your energy landscape. Allow us to lead you toward a sustainable and efficient solar solution that aligns with your vision for a greener future.


Removal & Installation

Relocating and bringing your system along? Planning to replace or repair your roof? Our service for the removal and reinstallation of solar panels is tailored to simplify your life. Typically, we can schedule your project within two weeks, ensuring both convenience and comprehensive support. Reach out today to discover more about this service.


Repairs & Maintenance

At Kane Solar, LLC, our skilled technicians swiftly assess your system, delivering a prompt quote for necessary repairs. Frequently, maintenance or repairs can be carried out without the need for building access. We routinely capture multiple images and send customers a status report upon completing the service. When you schedule a service call, just like all our other offerings, your satisfaction is guaranteed – if you're not satisfied, we don't get paid.

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This service is in high demand, and we specialize in addressing issues with various models and brands. Don't hesitate to contact our team with any inquiries, and remember to schedule this service in advance.


Electrical & Cable Wiring

Our team comprises skilled and certified professionals with extensive expertise in all aspects of installing solar energy production systems, which encompasses tasks such as the installation or enhancement of electrical and cable wiring for solar systems.

Optimizer & Micro-inverter Swap out (RMA)
Occasionally, optimizers and micro-inverters may encounter malfunctions, causing the solar panel to cease power transmission to your system. Our experienced technicians can promptly identify the affected panel(s), coordinate with the manufacturer for a replacement, and efficiently install the new unit.

Critter Guard Installation

Wildlife such as squirrels and birds can cause harm to your solar panels and wiring, resulting in costly repairs. It is not unusual for animals to chew on wires or build nests beneath the panels. Kane Solar, LLC offers a highly sought-after service or add-on to safeguard your system from such damage by installing critter guards around the base of your panels.

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Solar Panel Cleaning
Maintaining cleanliness on your panels is crucial to prevent dirt buildup that could compromise system performance. It is advisable to schedule panel cleaning every 2 to 4 years, especially in areas with high pollution or dirt levels. Cleaning your solar panels is an excellent practice for preserving your investment, prolonging the system lifespan, enhancing effectiveness, and ensuring optimal power production. Kane Solar, LLC is a dependable choice for safe and thorough panel cleaning.
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